Privacy Policy

We are still working on our Privacy Policy, but here is a fair and exhaustive comprehension of what we do with your data.

We are not selling your personnal data to any third party.

We collect only what we need to make the service work. That includes:

  • Your name, from your github account
  • Your email address, from your github account
  • The "bio", from your github account
  • Your github avatar
  • Your github access token, that allow us to create webhook on your repositories
  • The brand of your credit card (only to be displayed on your Payment Gateways page)
  • The last four digits of your credit card (only to be displayed on your Payment Gateways page)
  • Whatever your enter on your billing account page, that will be displayed on your invoices
  • Your Twitter Access tokens, that allow us to post tweet on your behalf, only when we receive a valid webhook from Github

The data we need to store to operate your accounts will never leave our server. We may perform backup saves of our database that will be sent outside the server, but those backup are fully encrypted.

As long as your account exists, the related data will persist as well. We do not delete data ourself.

There is no API endpoint allowing a third party to read the data from our database. You're quite safe with us 😉

You want write access on my private repos? Are you insane?

This is a limitation of GitHub's OAuth permission scopes. There is no GitHub API permission that asks for read-only or list access to private repositories.

The only time we ever "write" to a private repo is to add a webhook integration. We will never, ever modify your code. Ever.

Cookies and Tracking Script

As you noticed when you first visited our website, our technology stack may use some cookies to improve your experience on this site.

All cookies that are used on our platform are fully encrypted (thanks Laravel).

We are using Google Analytics to gather statistics about our visitors.

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