Terms and Conditions

We are still working on our Terms and Conditions, but here is a fair and exhaustive comprehension of what you agree by using our platform.

You must be a human.

You must be 16 years old or over.

You must login with a valid Github Account.

Your real name is not mandatory. You can use a nickname. We use the name property of your github account.

If you provide a Company Name, Company VAT number or a Company Address, those informations MUST be correct.

You are responsible for keeping your account secure while you use our service. The content of your Account and its security are up to you.

You are responsible for all content posted and activity that occurs under your account.

You are responsible for maintaining the security of your Account and password. Gitweet.io cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage from your failure to comply with this security obligation.

You agree that you will not under any circumstances upload, post, host, or transmit any content that:

  • is unlawful or promotes unlawful activities;
  • is or contains sexually obscene content;
  • is libelous, defamatory, or fraudulent;
  • is discriminatory or abusive toward any individual or group;
  • contains or installs any active malware or exploits, or uses our platform for exploit delivery (such as part of a command and control system); or
  • infringes on any proprietary right of any party, including patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, right of publicity, or other rights.

You are responsible for any fees associated with your use of Gitweet.io. We are responsible for communicating those fees to you clearly and accurately, and letting you know well in advance if those prices change.

We do not refund.

If you subscribe to our paid service, you agree that we charge your credit card through Stripe API, once a year, as long as your subcription is active.

We want our users to be informed of important changes to our terms, but some changes aren't that important — we don't want to bother you every time we fix a typo. So while we may modify this agreement at any time, we will notify users of any changes that affect your rights and give you time to adjust to them.

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